About Us

Cre8tive Nations is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned company that specialises in cultural knowledges, creative industries and special event projects.

While Cre8tive Nations is inspired and empowered by First Nation culture and incorporates these protocols in all programmed events and projects, it supports diversity and works across all cultural groups. Supportive, productive and sustainable communities which promote culture, diversity, equity and contribution are fundamental platforms and areas of focus for the company, its team members, artists, performers and educators.

What We Do

Cre8tive Nations designs, produces, coordinates and delivers programs, workshops and special events, including:

Social Inclusion

Our team have diverse and multidisciplinary talents and capabilities, giving us the flexibility to conceptualise, design and implement customised programs and projects.

  • Working with community for community
  • Regional and remote programs
  • Customised projects and programs

Community Engagement

We work from within the community to assist, support and develop sustainable capability and capacity building projects. These include education, training, employment and creative industry programs, which align to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander terms of reference and cultural integrity.

  • Cultural integrity
  • Community capability building
  • Sustainability

Arts and Events

We offer a diverse and robust pool of talented creative professionals, which specialise in all genres of music, dance, visual arts and culture. Our team are specialists in creating, producing and programming events, festivals and customised workshops

Education, Training and Employment

Our facilitators are qualified professionals with vast experience and industry connectivity. All programs are supported by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural perspectives which underpins all educational content and contexts.


We acknowledge the contribution all First Nations people have made to thousands of years of care, culture building and innovation. We support collaborative and co-creative opportunities to engage and work with other First Nation artists, producers and events.

  • Culture building
  • Co-creative and collaborative opportunities
  • First Nation events and festivals


Gathering is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Creative Industries Festival that runs between February and November, in the Brisbane Queen St Mall. Gathering is both a celebration and showcase of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and artists.

  • Dance, music and creative industries
  • Contemporary and traditional culture
  • Community connectivity and sustainability

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